Geldanlage-Netzwerk  Geldanlage-Netzwerk


BG/SBLC owned

Instruments:           Cash Backed SBLC/BG (Standard ICC format)
Age:                         FRESH CUT
Currency:                EUROS / USD
Issuing Bank:          BNP Paribas Fortis, Bussels, Belgium / Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
First Tranche:         500 MILLION
Contract Amount:   AS AGREED
Purchase Price:      48% (Thirty percent of the face value)
Commission:            2% (Two percent of the face value)
Settlement:              MT 103
Screening:               As agreed
Delivery:                  SWIFT MT760 and Hardcopy ot be delivered via Bank-bonded courier in Five (5) Banking days.

DOA on demand