Geldanlage-Netzwerk  Geldanlage-Netzwerk


Wir haben Kontakt zu einem potenten Goldkäufer in Deutschland, der jedoch nur nach seinem eigenen Procedere Gold kauft.



Der Verkäufer liefert auf seine eigenen Kosten das Gold versteuert und versichert bei Brinks in Frankfurt/Main an. Der Verkäufer kann die Ware gerne begleiten. Die Ware wird gemeinsam bei Brinks besichtigt und von dort zur Schmelze gebracht. Den Transport zur Schmelze bezahlt der Käufer.

Die Ware wird grundsätzlich eingeschmolzen und nach Schmelzreport bezahlt. Die Bezahlung erfolgt innerhalb 72 Stunden nach Aushändigung des Schmelzreports.

Der Käufer ist an einer langfristigen Belieferung interessiert und es können entsprechende Lieferverträge vereinbart werden. Nach positiv verlaufener Erstlieferung, kann für die Bezahlung auch ein LC vereinbart werden.

Die Erstlieferung kann 20, 50 oder 100 kg betragen. An utopischen Mengen von 1.000 MT+ ist man nicht interessiert.



We have contacted a potent gold buyers in Germany, but he is only  buying gold with his own procedure


The seller delivers gold to its own costs, taxed and insured with Brinks in Frankfurt / Main. The seller is welcome to accompany the goods. The goods will be inspected together with Brinks and brought from there to melt. Transport to melt paid by the buyer.

The product is basically melted down and paid by melting Report. Payment is due within 72 hours after delivery of the melt reports.

The buyer is interested in a long-term supply and it can be appropriate supply agreement. After a positive first delivery a LC can be agreed for payment.

The first delivery may be 20, 50 or 100 kg. At utopian quantities of 1,000 MT+ nobody is interested.



Description of Product


COMMODITY           : GLD Standard Bullion

FORMAT                  : 12,5 KG Bars

PURITY                    :  999.5/1000 or better fineness

HALLMARKS            :  Internationally Recognized Hallmarks, less than five  

                                    years old (principally Metalor refinery, Hong Kong)

QUANTITY               :  "Large-tonnage" inventory (stocks are regularly replenished)

STORAGE               :  HSBC, Hong Kong-sanctionded private security warehouse

INSURANCE             :  Insured by Lloyd´s of London for its full LBMA market value

TRADE STATUS       :  Freely liftable and tradeable and fully exportable

                                    Full govenmental/agency clearandes and approvals

                                    No liens, charges or encumbrances

                                    Export permits already issued in name of seller




MODALITY                 :  An "off-market" private transaction to be performed on a

                                     "bank officer-tobank officer" basis. Major world Banks only

DISCOUNT                 :  Gross 8% and Net 6% discount to the Buyer, based on the

                                     "second fixing", LBMA gold price

CONTRACT SIZE       :  To suit Buyer´s requirements (minimum 200 MT of product)

FIRST LIFT                 :  200 MT of product

FURTHER LIFTS        :  Minimum 200 MT of product. Flexible daily, weekly or monthly

                                      transfer dates. One-year contracts available

DELIVERY                  :  FOB Hong Kong, four (4) delivery options available

PAYMENT                   :  "Ledger-to-Ledger transfer of payment in US Dollars

                                      Other major world currencies considered

FEES                          :  2% Consultancy Feees, payable as follows:

                                      1% to Seller´s side (closed), payable by Seller

                                      1% to Buyer´s side, payable by Buyer or Seller as agreed

                                      The IMFPA will be made an integral part of the contract