Geldanlage-Netzwerk  Geldanlage-Netzwerk


Description of Product


COMMODITY           : GLD Standard Bullion

FORMAT                  : 12,5 KG Bars

PURITY                    :  999.5/1000 or better fineness

HALLMARKS            :  Internationally Recognized Hallmarks, less than five  

                                    years old (principally Metalor refinery, Hong Kong)

QUANTITY               :  "Large-tonnage" inventory (stocks are regularly replenished)

STORAGE               :  HSBC, Hong Kong-sanctionded private security warehouse

INSURANCE             :  Insured by Lloyd´s of London for its full LBMA market value

TRADE STATUS       :  Freely liftable and tradeable and fully exportable

                                    Full govenmental/agency clearandes and approvals

                                    No liens, charges or encumbrances

                                    Export permits already issued in name of seller




MODALITY                 :  An "off-market" private transaction to be performed on a

                                     "bank officer-tobank officer" basis. Major world Banks only

DISCOUNT                 :  Gross 8% and Net 6% discount to the Buyer, based on the

                                     "second fixing", LBMA gold price

CONTRACT SIZE       :  To suit Buyer´s requirements (minimum 200 MT of product)

FIRST LIFT                 :  200 MT of product

FURTHER LIFTS        :  Minimum 200 MT of product. Flexible daily, weekly or monthly

                                      transfer dates. One-year contracts available

DELIVERY                  :  FOB Hong Kong, four (4) delivery options available

PAYMENT                   :  "Ledger-to-Ledger transfer of payment in US Dollars

                                      Other major world currencies considered

FEES                          :  2% Consultancy Feees, payable as follows:

                                      1% to Seller´s side (closed), payable by Seller

                                      1% to Buyer´s side, payable by Buyer or Seller as agreed

                                      The IMFPA will be made an integral part of the contract